The Cast

Canadian adoptee: Vivian
Where: Toronto
Vivian was adopted from Jiujiang, Jiangxi province in 1995, where she was found wrapped in a blanket in the downtown area of the city as a baby. Now part of a loving Canadian family, she attends a multi-cultural Toronto high school and holds a curiosity towards her heritage. It’s been a long time dream of Vivian’s to return to her birth city and discover the life that was hers, and what her future could have been had she remained.

Chinese adoptee: Shumin
Jiujiang, China
Shuminwas born the third daughter in a rural area where parents are allowed two children. Her birth parents opted to give Shumin away to the Zhu family at the age of 4 months, rather than face social penalties and steep fines for having a third child. Shumin is a shy, quiet girl who loves to draw. At 14, she had just finished grade 7 when we filmed. Shumin had previously felt ashamed of being adopted, and now felt more confident after seeing how comfortable Vivian was with it.
Vivian’s Parents : Eve and Hubert
Where: Toronto

Eve and Hubert (pictured here on the plane to China to adopt Vivian in 1995)were among the very first couples in Ontario to adopt from China, first with their older daughter Hilary and then with Vivian, three years later.They feel protective of Vivian in what could be an emotionally challenging trip for her, but are excited about what they all will discover on this trip to China. Eve will definitely be accompanying Vivian on the trip, making her a strong supporting character in the film, but work commitments make it uncertain whether Hubert will be there as well.