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Asian Horizons

Although this is a China tours website, there is a neat page of handy Mandarin phrases to use while traveling with audio pronunciation.

FCCs – Families with Children from China

Families with Children from China is a network of parent support groups in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. While some of the chapters listed below are formally organized organizations with by-laws and boards of directors, others are less structured groups of families who support one another with a variety of activities.The web site of the national parent support group contains a vast array of information about China adoption.

Toronto British Columbia Saskatchewan Nova Scotia

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A-Parents China (A-P-C), for pre-adoptive families
This high-traffic list is a must for anyone waiting to adopt from China.

For families who have adopted from China

Raising China Children
For families with pre-school and school age Adopted Chinese children

Waiting Children China
For families interested in adopting a Waiting Child (with some kind of special need) from China