Let us know what you thought about The Invisible Red Thread !

“The showing went really well. Watching the movie with a room full of teen girls was a great experience. They all laughed at the right places! …We had a very good turnout and happy viewers. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for our group.”

-Jena Martin, Chapter President,  Families with Children Adopted from Asia-Midwest

“What a powerful and emotional film. Thank you for coming to Vermont to share it!”

-Anne Majusiak on Facebook

“My husband and I watched it last night; very moving.  It brought back many memories of our time in Jiangxi.

I found it very interesting to see the contrasting lives between the two families.  Really, really enjoyed this film.  Hope the girls are able to keep in contact over the years.”

– Dayna ( dx2) on China Adopt Talk

“Congratulations! It was a great. Thought provoking. I really liked the interview with Shumin’s birthparents. We rarely if ever hear from birth parents and it was very interesting to hear their perspective.”

– Doris Gutenkunst on Facebook

“We thought it was very interesting; Vivi reminded us of our daughter. Our daughter is nine. When we adopted our second daughter, she was seven. She wasn’t thrilled with some of the smells, like Vivi. I also enjoyed hearing the birth family’s view and the mother who adopted Shumin; it really drives home that girls are valued!”

– Brenda Watson Miller on Facebook

“Just watched this beautiful film with my 10-year old daughter. Not only was it great to see how Vivian was able to explore her birth history, but as an outsider looking into her heart. I was able to discuss a number of topics with my own daughter [afterwards]. I truly enjoyed the film.”

– Adoption Gift Box on Facebook

“Received my DVD in the mail and sat down with my three Chinese born daughters. Thank you! Beautiful movie. Our 15 year old liked the movie, especially as it related to the young lady “adopted” by the Chinese coupple. That more than anything touched a chord with our teen.

– Fil Folden on Facebook

“Thank you for your wonderful film, “The Invisible Red Thread”! We took our daughter and friend to the film festival in St. Paul and we all loved the movie. My husband and I were choked up with emotions, and the 12 year olds were giggling and loving the market and cooking scenes. It has spurred great family discussions!”

– Karen Anderson, Plymouth, MN


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