We’re Filming a New Documentary!

We’re working on a new documentary! No, this isn’t a follow-up to “The Invisible Red Thread” – but we do have a remarkable Taiwanese-Canadian young woman as one of the main characters.

The film , “Seen and Heard”, is following a unique theatre group back stage and into the personal lives of its members. It’s unique because part of the group is Deaf or hard of hearing, while the rest is made up of hearing people. Putting on a play when half the cast and crew can’t easily communicate is one challenge. But the challenges the Deaf members face in their daily lives where they live invisibly among the larger hearing world are just as big.


Aselin Weng is the founder and producer of Seeing Voices Montreal, the theatre group we’re following. Born in Taiwan, she and her family moved to Canada when she was 12. She fell in love with American Sign Language (ASL) while studying at McGill University, and eventually a Deaf person and went on to found this theatre group. Aselin says that attitudes about disability and Deafness can be very harsh in Asian culture and in the documentary, she shares her struggles with her parents who are very against the idea of her dating a Deaf person.

Intrigued? You can help bring this film to film festival, TV screens, community screenings and school campuses by supporting our Indiegogo campaign. No amount is too small! Get your name up in lights, pick up great gifts and help this documentary achieve lift-off.

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