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Editing Room Chaos To Order!

A peek inside the documentary editing process What goes on behind the scenes when you need to take 40 hours of footage and condense it into a coherent one hour documentary? The first step: organizing! Editor Catherine Legault makes cards … Continue reading

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Our editor Catherine

With post-production on our latest doc The Invisible Red Thread now in full swing, we asked our editor Catherine Legault to give us some insider info. Here what she had to say about her process and the job: What were … Continue reading

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Vivian and Hubert’s Incredible Adventure: The Return from China

After two intense weeks, the trip comes to an end. The idea of ‘China’, the place where Vivian had been adopted from 15 years earlier is now no longer an abstract idea to her. Vivian has experienced the country’s intense … Continue reading

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Another day from Changfu Chang’s filming journal

August 16, 2010 It was a satisfying and productive day, but not without twists and turns. First, the weather promised to be deceptively good. The scorching 100 degree Fahrenheit sun and its heat seemed to be behind us as we … Continue reading

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From Changfu Chang’s filming journal

August 13, 2010 Today was a big day: morning at the Adoption Center to pick up the invitation in Nanchang; late afternoon at the orphanage in Jiujiang 2 hours away… The statement that we are lucky is probably an understatement. … Continue reading

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Co-Directing Across Two Continents – Now It’s the Chinese Crew’s Turn

On the morning of Sunday August 9th, Toronto cameraman, James Klopko, filmed Vivian and her father Hubert’s last hours with Vivian’s mother, Eve. They stuffed some final items into suitcases and drove to Pearson airport. It was an emotional goodbye … Continue reading


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Fifteen years later and we are poised to return to China…

This time Hubert and I will accompany our dear daughter Vivian as she makes the long discussed, much anticipated return to the country of her birth. Almost exactly fifteen years this month we were in a turmoil of excitement and … Continue reading

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Hey everyone it’s Vivian!

I am really excited for my upcoming trip to China!! Like you have no idea, words can’t explain how I’m feeling. Right now, my family and I are just settling dates and other important stuff for the trip. I am most … Continue reading

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