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Vivian and Shuming : Four Years After The Documentary’s Release

After making the film The Invisible Red Thread, it was clear that Vivian and Shuming were both bright and kind girls, with great potential in many ways. Throughout the documentary, we grew to knew our characters and now regularly keep … Continue reading

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Roots and Branches

A recent article on News China points to the rarity of Chinese adoptees connecting with their birthparents later in life. Friend and Invisible Red Thread collaborator, Changfu Chang is quoted in the article. “Locating birth families in China is extremely … Continue reading

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This Sunday there will be a special screening of The Invisible Red Thread at The Center for East Asian Studies at Kansas University at the Lawrence Arts Center. It will be followed by a panel discussion, with three specials guests: … Continue reading

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The Changing Worlds of Vivian and Shumin

Just two weeks before our TV broadcast premiere (more details next posting!) the two girls featured in our international adoption documentary continue to grow and mature on opposite sides of the planet. Here’s an update on each of them, and … Continue reading

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Editing Room Chaos To Order!

A peek inside the documentary editing process What goes on behind the scenes when you need to take 40 hours of footage and condense it into a coherent one hour documentary? The first step: organizing! Editor Catherine Legault makes cards … Continue reading

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Marie-Claire China Magazine follows Vivian’s journey

Marie-Claire magazine (China) sent a photographer to follow Vivian and her father Hubert as they went on their quest back to Vivian’s birth land. He captured her meeting with Shumin Zhu, a girl who was abandoned much like Vivian was, … Continue reading

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Our editor Catherine

With post-production on our latest doc The Invisible Red Thread now in full swing, we asked our editor Catherine Legault to give us some insider info. Here what she had to say about her process and the job: What were … Continue reading

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Vivian and Shumin: Two months later

How does being filmed impact documentary participants? As filmmakers, we always wonder what the impact will be for the people who agree to be part of our documentary films. The incredible variety of reality TV shows make it seem almost … Continue reading

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JUST WHAT GOES ON BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF THE EDITING SUITE? Okay, maybe it doesn’t need a whole village, but it does take a team of some size to gather 40+ hours of filmed, unedited footage and shape it … Continue reading

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When a Hospital Emergency Unexpectedly Becomes Part of The Documentary…

Flash back to Saturday July 28th: It’s one day before Eve, Hubert and Vivian -the Canadian family we’re following on their odyssey to China – is set to board the plane to Beijing. The Canadian crew is ready to film … Continue reading

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