Seeking home video footage of parents adopting in China

Do you have some footage you could share with us?

As we move into rough cut #2, we’re realizing that we need more ‘archival’ footage to help tell the bigger background story of this film: one girl’s journey back to China where she was born. Perhaps you or someone you know recorded some video footage of their adoption adventure to China? If so, we’d love to know about it!

We are seeking video on any format (VHS, HI 8, Video 8, etc.) filmed between 1991 and 2000 in any region of China. Ideally, we’d see a couple and/or the larger group on their trip to the orphanage where they adopted their child, perhaps first receiving the baby, holding and feeding their new child/ children, etc. If you have footage of the orphanage in general (exterior or interior) or general footage of the city and its sites, that would be very helpful, too.  And the last thing we are seeking is billboards or posters in China that promote the idea of Family Planning and the One Child Policy.

 This footage would be used to illustrate two sections of the documentary, each about 1 minute long, where we give some background on China’s “Family Planning Policy” (One Child Policy), the  rise in local informal adoptions and the opening of the country to international adoption.

If you have or know of any video footage or photos like these, please let us know! You can drop us an email at or call 514-484-1145 and we’ll let you know how to get it to us. In thanks, we’ll list you in our film’s credits, copy your old video footage to DVD so you can watch it more easily and send you a signed final copy of the documentary “The Invisible Red Thread” when it’s done. 

Please spread the word and thanks very much for helping us complete this film!

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