Your Feedback About the Film!

This past weekend’s TV premiere of The Invisible Red Thread was a success! And that is all thanks to viewers like you who helped spread the news.

We received some amazing feedback and are grateful we touched so many viewers like:

My husband and I watched it last night, very moving.  Brought back many memories of our time in Jiangxi.
I found it very interesting to see the contrasting lives between the two families.  Really, really enjoyed this film.  Hope the girls are able to keep in contact over the years.

Dayna ( dx2) on China Adopt Talk

Congratulations! It was a great. Thought provoking. I really like the interview with Shumin’s birth parents. We rarely if never hear from BP and it was very interesting to hear their prospective.

Doris Gutenkunst on Facebook

 Want to hear more about what viewers thought? Click here

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