Adoption-themed holiday gift ideas! (PART 2)

‘Tis the season and we got to compiling a list of great gifts to give to parents and families who are in the process of adopting or have adopted. We’ve taken the theme wide so there should be something for everyone.


Adoption Jewelry

We stumbled across this site and found some inspiring and beautiful gifts.

Super cute adoption t-shirts that had us all wanting them! 

adoption tee shirt

A wide range of fun, stylish products that express the excitement, joy and frustration that are all part of the adoption journey.


T-shirts, cups, mugs, sticky pads


“Got love? Adopt” is this family’s motto. With kids adopted from Korea, this innovative and creative family offers a range of fun products for all different types of budgets.


adoption posterPosters

Find the perfect adoption poster to decorate your house or put in your kid’s bedroom. Many great ones worth a look!


Adoption cards

Whether you’re waiting, have just set your mind or finally met your beloved child, share your happiness with those lovely cards:



Country shaped cookie cutters

 With a wide range of countries represented, these make a unique gift to help celebrate your family’s adoption day:

And lastly, we really could not forget to mention our dear documentary:

The Invisible Red Thread

55 minutes


Our own popular and touching adoption documentary follows 15 year old internationally adopted Vivian back to China to connect with a teenager from her birth region who was adopted within China.  This is a great discussion starter for families with kids ages 10 and  up who’ve been internationally adopted from any country, not just China. You can read more about what viewers are saying about the film

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1 Response to Adoption-themed holiday gift ideas! (PART 2)

  1. Nice ideas and a lovely blog. I don’t agree with the idea of putting a child in an “adoption” T-shirt.

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