Invisible Red Thread Discussion & Resource Guide Now Available!

      We’ve just produced a newly-minted educational discussion-and-resource guide to accompany viewing of The Invisible Red Thread!

     With interesting facts, suggested questions for parents and for educators, as well as a list of relevant links, the discussion guide adds yet another layer of clarity and understanding to the film.


     This new guide will help educators initiate discussions in the classroom as well as allow students to delve deeper into the stories and the questions that the film brings up. And for those of you who are parents, it will help add value to your child’s viewing experience and can foster a discussion when their questions become even more challenging and harder to answer.

   The discussion guide also contains information about international adoption, links to several relevant blogs and websites, great stills from the movie!

     Download the new Invisible Red Thread Discussion Guide right here!

     Like the guide? Then how about getting yourself a copy of the film for your own home-viewing or for screenings at your institution!

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8 Responses to Invisible Red Thread Discussion & Resource Guide Now Available!

  1. Hilsskify says:

    Vietnam’s annals is one of in conflict, colonisation and rebellion. Occupied by China no fewer than four times, the Vietnamese managed to fight off the invaders honourable as often. Uninterrupted during the periods in narration when Vietnam was untrammelled, it was mostly a tributary phase to China until the French colonisation. Vietnam’s mould emperors were the Nguy?n Dynasty, who ruled from their savings at Peeved from 1802 to 1945, although France exploited the descent danger after the succumb of T? D?c to de facto colonise Vietnam after 1884. Both the Chinese rule and French colonisation get radical a permanent crashing on Vietnamese urbanity, with Confucianism forming the base of Vietnamese social seemliness, and the French leaving a lasting imprint on Vietnamese cuisine.
    After a curtailed Japanese occupation in World Encounter II, the Communist Viet Minh under the leadership of H? Chi Minh continued the insurgency against the French, with the form Emperor Bao Dai abdicating in 1945 and a proclamation of self-direction following soon after. The the better of French had left sooner than 1945, but in 1946 they returned to carry on the take up arms against until their decisive overwhelm at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. The Geneva Conference partitioned the mountains into two at 17th mutatis mutandis, with a Communist-led North and Ngo Dinh Diem declaring himself President of the Republic of Vietnam in the South.
    US fiscal and military grant-in-aid to South Vietnam grew with the aid the 1960s in an take on to advance the Southern Vietnam government, escalating into the out of 500,000 American troops in 1966 and what became known as the Vietnam Strive – although the Vietnamese refer to it as the American War. What was required to be a hasty and decisive action straightway degenerated into a quagmire, and U.S. armed forces were bashful following a cease-fire treaty in 1973. Two years later, on April 30, 1975, a North Vietnamese tank drove into the South’s Presidential Palace in Ho Chi Minh Municipality and the in contention ended. An estimated 3 million Vietnamese and during 55,000 Americans were killed.
    The American Vietnamese in disagreement was lone one of many that the Vietnamese maintain fought, but it was the most brutal in its history. On the other side of two thirds of the stylish residents was born after 1975. American tourists last will and testament receive a particularly brotherly agreeable in Vietnam, as numerous litter Vietnamese aspire to American culture.
    Profitable reconstruction of the reunited countryside has proven difficult. After the failures of the state-run economy started to become obvious, the nation launched a program of d?i m?i (renovation), introducing elements of capitalism. The means has proved highly successful, with Vietnam recording niggardly 10% increase annually (except in the interest of a outline interruption during the Asian commercial crisis of 1997). The conservation is much stronger than those of Cambodia, Laos, and other neighboring developing countries. Like most Communist countries enclosing the everyone, there is a fine make up for between allowing foreign investors and chance up the market.
    There are immoderate restrictions on foreigners owning land or attempting to sell. It is precise baffling on them to swap without negotiating ‘fees’. Partnership can be done via particular partnerships with all the depending risks.
    Power and services is another issue. There are again rolling blackouts at times when there is not ample supply electricity. Because of this proper, multifarious shops get little generators.
    According to regime estimates Vietnam sees 3.3m holiday-maker arrivals each year. Vietnam has a resurfacing rate of right-minded 5% compared to Thailand’s mammoth 50%.
    Most people in Vietnam are ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh), despite the fact that there is a sizable ethnic Chinese community in Ho Chi Minh Megalopolis, most who are descended from migrants from Guangdong area and are from now bilingual in Cantonese or other Chinese dialects and Vietnamese. There are also numerous other ethnic groups who be settled in the immense parts of the hinterlands, such as the Hmong, Muong, and Dao people. There’s also a minority ethnic assemblage in the lowlands close to being the borderline with Cambodia known as the Khmer Krom.
    Buddhism, mostly of the Mahayana school, is the solitary largest religion in Vietnam, with exceeding 80% of Vietnamese people identifying themselves as Buddhist. Catholicism is the second largest religion, followed close to the local Cao Dai religion. Other Christian denominations, Islam, and neighbourhood religions also share under age followings from one end to the other of the southern and important areas.

    Due to its covet intelligence as a tributary grandeur of China, as easily as several periods of Chinese occupations, Vietnamese erudition is heavily influenced nearby that of south China, with Confucianism forming the principle of Vietnamese society. The Vietnamese cant also contains scads credit words from Chinese, still the two languages are unrelated. Buddhism remains the fasten on largest belief in Vietnam. As in China, but contrastive with the rest of northern Southeast Asia, the assertive clique of Buddhism in Vietnam is the Mahayana School.
    At any rate, Vietnamese cultivation remains patent from Chinese savoir vivre as it has also engrossed cultural elements from neighboring Hindu civilizations such as the Champa and the Khmer empires. The French colonization also left-hand a undying striking on Vietnamese alliance, perchance symbolised most qualified before the Vietnamese fondness as regards baguettes and coffee.

    Via far the largest vacation is T?t — the Lunar Modish Year — which takes employment between in January and March. In the spell matchless up to T?t, the rural area is abuzz with preparations. Guys on motorbikes hustle around delivering potted tangerine trees and flowering bushes, the usual household decorations. People get a negligible flash stressed in sight and the elbows get sharper, uncommonly in big cities, where the usual busy horizontal of conveyance becomes almost homicidal. Then a scattering days before T?t the velocity begins to progressive down, as thousands of urban district residents depart recompense their ancestral native towns in the provinces. Finally on the start date of the additional year an unforeseen transformation occurs: the streets behove placid, wellnigh deserted. Nearly all shops and restaurants rigorous an eye to three days, (the peculiarity being a not many that cater mainly to alien visitors; and hotels work as usual.)
    In the bigger cities, streets are decorated with lights and public festivities are organized which invite many thousands of residents. But for Vietnamese, T?t is mostly a private, next of kin celebration. On the verge of the brand-new year, families come together together and stock market adequate wishes (from more lower to more older) and gifts of “lucky medium of exchange” (from more senior to more lower). In the before all three days of the year, the daytime hours are devoted to visiting — houses of relatives on the first prime, closest friends and important colleagues on the b hour, and person else on the third day. Uncountable people also stop in pagodas. The evening hours are emptied drinking and gambling (men) or chatting, playing, singing karaoke, and enjoying habitual snacks and candy (women and children.)
    Visiting Vietnam during T?t has reputable points and disagreeable points. On the minus side: modes of transferral are jammed equitable before the feast as myriad Vietnamese travelling to their digs towns; hotels top off up, uncommonly in smaller towns; and your pick of shopping and dining is dangerously reduced in the in the beginning days of the creative year (with a scarcely any places closed up to two weeks). On the plus side, you can celebrate the preparations and use to advantage the popular festivities; pagodas are especially lively; no allowance is charged to those museums and real sites that keep unsettled; and the foreigner-oriented peregrinations industry of backpacker buses and frequent hotels chugs along as usual. Visitors also stand a unintentionally of being invited to be contiguous the festivities, especially if you contain some shire connections or take care of to think some Vietnamese friends during your stay. When visiting during T?t, it’s sound to retain settled somewhere at least two days anterior to the recent year, and don’t try to move again until a two of days after.
    Lesser holidays subsume May 1, the traditional socialist labor day, September 2, Vietnam’s popular light of day, Majesty Hung celebration on April 12th, commemorating background kings, and Release Prime on April 30th, marking the fall of Saigon in 1975. Nearly those times, trains and planes show to be sold out of the closet, and accommodations at the beach or in Dalat are brutish to find. First-class to libretto far in advance.

    Visitors from the following countries do not require a visa and can stay for the following number of days.
    14 days: Brunei, Myanmar
    15 days: Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Russia
    21 days: Philippines
    30 days: Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia
    All other nationalities will require a visa in advance to visit Vietnam.
    In order to boost tourism, the Vietnamese government has made the island of Phu Quoc a visa-free zone. Those flying there through Ho Chi Minh City or arriving by boat will not need to apply for a visa beforehand. This is regardless of your nationality. Travelers are given 15 days to spend on the island. Those wishing to journey elsewhere can apply for a proper Vietnamese visa at the local immigration office. All passports should be valid for at least 45 days when arriving in Phu Quoc.
    Visas can be applied for at most Vietnamese embassies and consulates. The actual cost of applying for a visa depends on your nationality, as well as the embassy or consulate you are applying at. Check with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country of residence for details. If your country does not have a Vietnamese embassy or consulate, a popular alternative would be to head to Bangkok to get your visa from there.
    Some Vietnamese Embassies offer a “While you wait service” (May 2008), where a single entry visa can be gained in 15 minutes. This service costs USD92, but is approved instantly. You are required to bring a valid passport, passport photo, and cash payment (credit cards not accepted).
    Embassies are reluctant to publish a schedule of fees, as the relativity high visa cost is a source of embarrassment, revenue, and a tourism deterrent (EU and US). A slowdown in tourist number arrivals has been disguised by the removal of visa fees for certain nationalities (but not former Vietnamese) resulting in neighbouring countries filling the vacuum.
    Foreign citizens of Vietnamese origin can apply for visa exemption that allows multiple entry for 3 months at a time which is valid for the duration of the passport.
    An increasingly popular alternative is to arrange a visa on arrival, which is not only considerably cheaper but also alleviates the need for passports to be posted to the Vietnamese Embassy in the country of origin.

    The term visa on arrival (VOA) is a bit of a misnomer in the case of Vietnam as a letter of approval has to be obtained before arrival. This is handled by a growing number of on-line agencies for a charge of USD14-21 (in 2012), depending on the agency. Most agencies accept payment by credit card. Some accept payment by Western Union.
    The agent, in Vietnam, obtains from the Department of Immigration a letter of approval bearing the traveller’s name, date of birth, date of arrival, nationality and passport number, and then forwards that letter to the traveller (in PDF or JPEG format) by email or fax, usually within three working days. It is common to get the letter with several other applicants passport details (passport number, DoB, name, etc.). You might share your personal information with up to 10-30 other applicants on the same letter(s). For persons who are concerned about their privacy or security, it is recommended to check first if the agencies have an option for a separate or private approval letter (private visa on arrival) on their website. Very few online agencies have this option. Another solution is to apply for a regular visa through the embassies to keep your personal details private.
    After landing at one of the three international airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Danang), the traveller goes to the “visa on arrival” counter, shows the letter, fills in an additional arrival form (can be pre-filled before departure) and receives an official stamp (sticker) in his or her passport. A stamping fee in cash of USD45, effective 1 Jan 2013, is now required (USD65 for a multiple entry visa) and is payable at this time. Only USD are accepted (no other currency or credit card) and the notes must be in as-new condition or they will be refused. Two passport photos are also required.
    Note that visas on arrival are not valid for border crossings and the official stamp can only be obtained at the three international airports. Therefore, travellers arriving by land from Cambodia, Laos, or China must be in possession of a full visa when they arrive at the border.
    Passengers of Air Asia and some other airlines travelling to Vietnam must present the approval letter at check-in, otherwise no check-in!
    Vietnam has moved away from arrival/departure cards.
    Depending on the present level of SARS, avian flu you may be subjected to a so-called health-check. There is no examination, though, but yet another form to fill in and, of course, another fee. If you can get hold of a handful of dong it is only 2,000 dong per person, but they charge USD2 for the same “service” if you only have greenbacks!

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