Helping To Make A Special Screening Happen For China Care At Brown University



Recently, Brown University showed our documentary to a room full of parents of children adopted from China. We were proud to work with our educational distributor, McNabb Connolly, to be able to sponsor the screening for this fundraising student group.

The response from the group was enthusiastic! Wrote Stephanie Guang, Family Outreach Coordinator for China Care,  “The parents at China Care absolutely loved the screening. A lot of them had heard very good things about the film but were unable to find a copy – so this was perfect. It prompted a lot of discussion after about bicultural identity and what it means for their kids. Thank you again on behalf of all of ChinaCare for your help!”

China Care Brown was established in 2004 to address the plight of China’s special-needs orphans. The completely student run organization works by raising funds and awareness for the China Care Foundation to help better the lives of orphaned children still in China, particularly those needing surgeries.  Starting in 2011, the completely student run organization now donates to Half the Sky Foundation to continue its mission to fund Chinese orphan surgeries. China Care Brown has donated over $86,000 and has funded 41 orphan surgeries since 2005. In addition, China Care Brown has a strong home component that connects Brown University students with Chinese adoptees in the local Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area through cultural programs and activities.


If you’d like to screen our film for a special fundraising event for orphans or those in need in China, let us know! We’ll do our best to help make it happen.


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