Chinese Officials Still Waiting for a Baby Boom

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It seems few of China’s young couples are looking to take advantage of the country’s new & looser one-child policy rules.

A few months ago, we blogged about the easing of China’s one-child policy to allow only-child couples to have two children (mainly in cities and not rural areas such as China’s southern Jiangxi Province, where The Invisible Red Thread’s Shumin Zhu lives and where the policy has been more relaxed).

However, statistics released last week point to the fact that few of the country’s young couples are willing to take advantage of China’s looser rules. Zhao Yanpei, a senior official at the National Health and Family Planning Commission, told reporters that despite a predicted baby boom by demographers, the increase has been much lower than expected. With over 2 million births per year anticipated, only 700, 000 couples have submitted applications to have a second child, so far – throwing economic experts concerned over China’s fiscal growth into a frenzy.

Is there a time lag on societal shifts such as this one? Is it too early to tell? Or are Chinese couples simply not as interested in having a second child?

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Wall Street Journal 



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