Roots and Branches


A still of Ricki from the film “Ricki’s Promise” documenting her journey back to China.

A recent article on News China points to the rarity of Chinese adoptees connecting with their birthparents later in life. Friend and Invisible Red Thread collaborator, Changfu Chang is quoted in the article.

“Locating birth families in China is extremely difficult, as in most cases abandoned babies are the result of unregistered births.” Professor Changfu Chang told NewsChina that only 70 out of hundreds of thousands of Chinese adoptees living in the US have successfully reconnected with their birth parents. “This is due to large scale [rural-urban] migration in the last few decades and a lack of adequate records,” said Chang.”

The article goes on to retell the stories of a couple of wonderful young Chinese adoptees and their eventual journey of self-discovery to China to find their birthparents. Just as Vivian wished to connect with her origins and her biological parents in our film, so did Ricki, Kate and Zoe. If your interest is piqued and you would like to read more about their stories, the politics of international adoption and what has been coined “identity crises” in adoptees, give this thorough article a read.

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