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“Received my DVD in the mail and sat down with my three Chinese born daughters. Thank you! Beautiful movie. Our 15 year old liked the movie, especially as it related to the young lady “adopted” by the Chinese coupple. That more than anything touched a chord with our teen.

– Fil Folden on Facebook

To purchase a video for home viewing, please click here.

* A portion of the proceeds of these DVD sales go towards supporting Shumin’s secondary studies.


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  2. Margie Cantor says:

    I just returned from the Colorado Heritage Camp yesterday and am already spreading the word about your wonderful film.
    It was so well done and very well received at camp! I plan on purchasing a copy to show my almost 14 year old daughter when I feel she is ready. She saw “Somewhere Between” which opened up all kinds of dialogue and got her thinking about a number of adoption related things on a much deeper level. I am sure “The Invisible Red Thread” will prompt such discussions and help Chinese adoptees. I plan to share the film with my local adoption group which meets occasionally,

    • Hi Margie, I realize this is very, very late to be replying- somehow we missed your comment. But I do want to thank you as one of the co-directors and writer of the film for your feedback. It’s really exciting for us to hear the impact the film is making, and how much you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to write, and for spreading the word about it to others!

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