Chinese family found!

After a long search for a family in Jiujiang, we’ve found a great match for Vivian! Shumin is 14 years old and her family is keen to be part of the documentary too.

Shumin was taken in, and later adopted by her parents after being found on the doorstep of their house 14 years ago in a village just outside of Jiujiang. With no children of their own they decided to keep her. Shumin’s school principal describes the teenager as strong, mature and caring. She studies hard and is at the top of her class- although she was forced to miss two years of school due to her family’s financial difficulties. She also loves drawing and listening to music.

With school over, Shumin still studies on her own but also helps her parents at home with chores and work in the fields. Her father does not stay at home with the family very often due to his job as a migrant construction worker. Shumin hopes to go to college one day.

Shumin is very excited to meet Vivian. The two have already started communicating by letter and are really looking forward in meeting each other in August to share their lives and very different adoption experiences.

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