First taste of being part of a documentary…

The weekend of July 23-25 gave Vivian and her parents, Eve and Hubert, their first extended taste of what it is like being part of a documentary. And this time we even managed to take a few shots to document the process! (Visit the Photo Gallery to see more pictures from the Toronto shoot!)

Co-director Maureen Marovitch packed up the car with co-producer David Finch, who was also doubling as cameraman, and they set off down the 401 to meet up with sound recordist Craig Rintoul. The goal: to get to know the family better while establishing Vivian’s life in Toronto, Canada.

From riding the subway to shopping downtown in bustling Dundas Square, diving into the University of Toronto pool to grocery shopping at 5 different speciality stores with her dad, to poring over the photo album that marked Vivian’s adoption in China – we covered it all and more. We also discovered that Vivian doesn’t like vegetables or much in the way of Chinese foods – this may be a long 3 weeks in China, food-wise!. And Vivian is working between keeping a level head about all she may discover in China while her excitement level grows.

Filming up next: the family’s departure to China on August 1st and Changfu Chang takes over as co-director for the unfolding adventures in China…

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