Announcing the winners! And How to Get Montreal World Film Fest tickets

TicketsCongratulations to Karen Wright, Laurence Gamble and Louise Adam: They each won a set of tickets to the festival premiere of “The Invisible Red Thread”. But don’t despair if you didn’t win, it’s easy to pick up tickets to our screenings at the Montreal World Film Festival- and as a bonus you’ll also catch the documentary “Tin City Voices”, by Toronto filmmaker Elijah Marchand playing with it!

HOW TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE:  Visit the film’s web page at the Montreal World Film Festival here. You can then click on the “Admission” button to buy your tickets online! On the left hand side you chose Venue Cinema ONF-FFM or use these quick links below

HOW TO BUY TICKETS AT THE BOX OFFICE: You can also buy tickets onsite at the ONF/NFB ticket counter at 1564 St. Denis at the cost of $10 each, right up to the screening times of the film.

Bon cinéma!

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