The Changing Worlds of Vivian and Shumin

Just two weeks before our TV broadcast premiere (more details next posting!) the two girls featured in our international adoption documentary continue to grow and mature on opposite sides of the planet. Here’s an update on each of them, and how being in the documentary impacted their lives:

Our recent screening in Toronto gave us a chance to reconnect with Vivian Lum, now 17. When we filmed with her in the summer of 2010, she was just 15. Now finishing grade 11, she’s starting to think about university and her future. “Being in the film and going to China, meeting Shumin- it all helped answer so many questions for me. It sounds funny, but I think less about all that adoption stuff now. It’s like I can put that aside and move on with my life.”

On the other side of the world, Shumin Zhu, now turning 16 and completing grade 9, has grown more confident and outgoing. Her recent letter to Vivian in May mentioned all the progress she made since the shooting of the Invisible Red Thread. “ I am really very upbeat now and study very hard,” she wrote. “Being adopted no longer bothers me.”  Her favourite subject is English – she is determined to be able to better communicate with Vivian someday. And the drawing talents we saw in the documentary continue to flourish- she plans to participate in a drawing competition.  When not away at school, she helps with many household chores and wrote that she tries to make her parents proud through her studies.

Three members of the filmmaking team will visit with Shumin and her family this summer, to show her the film as well as to present her parents with a cheque to help Shumin finish her high school education.

Good to hear from our two ‘adoptee sisters’!

To see the film in Canada:

June 17 at 9pm OMNI.2 TV, OMNI Television Alberta, OMNI TV BC

To see the film in Canada in Mandarin:

June 24 at 9 PM.  OMNI.2 in Mandarin on

Don’t get OMNI TV, or you’re in the US, UK or beyond?

Contact us to order a DVD or arrange a screening in your city!

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1 Response to The Changing Worlds of Vivian and Shumin

  1. N Mangat says:

    Thank you for the documentary. I hope updates keep coming on Shumin’s life. I hope it only keeps getting better for her. We all know Vivian is doing well, but we hope the all the best for Shumin.

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