Sold Out Screening! Want The Doc in Your City?

This past weekend a sold-out crowd gathered at the S. Walter Stewart Library for a pre-broadcast screening of The Invisible Red Thread in Toronto.

The audience was largely composed of parents and children who have gone through the adoption process. The emotion and recognition of the story they saw onscreen was palpable. “So many people took copies of the film home to show their daughters and other family and friends”, said Maureen Marovitch, co-producer and co-director.

FCC President Johan Vink says he’s a great advocate of the film, and is planning to contact other FCCs in the US to spread the word.  Another audience member noted “Really, it’s a film to see for anyone connected to or touched by adoption.”

The film’s main participant, Vivian Lum, along with her parents Hubert Lum and Eve Leyerle and co-producer/ writer Maureen Marovitch answered a half hour’s worth of thought-provoking questions from the audience post-screening. They also gave an update on the situation of the film’s other main subject, Shuming Zhu, a girl adopted within China.

The film will be broadcast on OMNI TV June 17th in English and June 24th in Mandarin in Ontario, BC and Alberta. If you can’t see it then, but would like to organize a screening at your festival, conference organization, school or library,  contact us ! The documentary is available for screenings across North America and beyond.


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