Our Doc Reviewed on “Adoption at the Movies” website: Platform starts discussions about adoption through the movie lens

ImageBooks and movies are reviewed under the lens of adoption at Adoption at the Movies (http://www.adoptionlcsw.com). The range of films, all reviewed for their relevance to adoption, may surprise you, from Angels in the Outfield to Tarzan, Les Misérables and several documentaries. Recently the blog reviewed The Invisible Red Thread offering up a thorough analysis of our film and how it can be used by adoptees, families and those who work with them.

Addison Cooper, a social worker specializing in adoption, is the owner of the site and its film reviewer. He started the website “to use film to help families have important conversations about adoption”. And he’s prolific! He started posting reviews in October 2012 and so far has posted over 80 book and movies reviews, along with a sprinkling of pieces on adoption advice.

His reviews follow an interesting format:

  • A summary of the film or book
  • The adoption connection
  • Challenges that viewers might have to go through
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the film
  • Questions relevant to the film that parents will want to ask kids after a viewing    
  • Recommendations of other films or books

The questions are a significant part of each review, providing a useful educational tool for teachers, parents and social workers working with adoptees, parents interested in adopting and families. Adoption at the Movies is a creative way of engaging kids and parents, adopted or not, to talk about adoption.

Links included in this article:

Adoption at the Movies


Adoption at the Movies’ review of The Invisible Red Thread:


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