Small Is Beautiful : How to Organize An Intimate Screening of “The Invisible Red Thread”


Do you think your local group of international adoptee families may be too small to host a screening of our documentary?  Think again!

 On February 24, Families with Children from China– Manitoba (FCC Manitoba) will be hosting a screening of our documentary, with director Maureen Marovitch present via Skype for a Q & A after the screening. Will they hold it in a big theatre? A 400+ person hall? No, they’ve opted to go for an intimate atmosphere in a cozy meeting room. 

 Says Elizabeth Welter, a parent from FCC Manitoba “We are a very small organization, and don’t have the person-power to pull off a community event in the now or in the near future.  So we landed on the idea of keeping our screening to the immediate FCC families.”

 Their group will number 21 in all: 18 adults and 3 girls in the 10-11 year old age range. FCC Manitoba’s leaders believe the friendly group atmosphere will make it easy for the girls and adults to get involved in a group discussion. And the experience of seeing the film together, is powerful and supportive.  

 This isn’t the first time smaller groups have organized screenings of our film. We’ve participated in Skype Q & A sessions held in libraries, church basements, restaurants and even at a house party screening. At $10 a ticket, a group of 20 viewers easily breaks even- and the gathering has the added advantage of being able to pre-buy DVDs to take home at a greatly reduced rate. 

 So if you think your local group of international adoptees is too small to have its own public screening, think again. It might be just the intimate viewing experience that’s perfect for your organization!

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