Weekend Highlight: Know more about the FCC!

You might know there’s an upcoming sneak preview of The Invisible Red Thread this weekend at the S. Walter Stewart Library in Toronto before its Canadian television premiere on OMNI TV in June. Join Vivian Lum, the documentary’s main focus, and her family at this special screening hosted by the Families of Children from China (FCC). Filmmaker Maureen Marovitch and one of our cameramen, James Klopko, will also be in attendance!

If you don’t already know about the FCC, it’s a volunteer organization made up of families who adopted children from China, as well as families waiting for or considering adoption from China. With independent chapters all over the world, the FCC provides similar families with ways to connect with each other. They organize various activities: family picnics and pot-luck suppers, celebrations of Chinese festivals and holidays, meetings, playgroups and many more. And, for special occasions, a film screening!

Want to know more about the FCC? Read on at www.fwcc.org

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