Our Favourite Adoption Blogs

About to adopt or still thinking about it? Maybe you’re in the middle of the experience or already raising one or more chosen children. It’s always encouraging to hear first hand experiences from parents who have already adopted. What better than exploring the Internet and all its adoption blogs ranging from international adoption to open adoption to foster care?

Here is a list of our favourites! Feel free to share with us your personal bests!

International Adoption

China Adoption Talk:
If you’re interested in adoption from China, this is the perfect blog for you, with advice about the country, adoption-related articles from around the world, and personal anecdotes on raising adopted Chinese girls

Hormonal Imbalances
This blogger is a military wife who bares her soul during her ongoing struggles to become both a natural mother and adoptive parent to an internationally adopted child

Rage against the Minivan
One mom, one dad and four kids via birth and adoption from Haiti. A funny well written blog that humoursly explores the craziness of mothering

Our Little Tongginator
“Tonggu Momma” tells stories of her life with her two daughters from China. Adorable and funny.

Catherine’s Chatter
Catherine is a single mom with whom we share a special relation as she was one of our first fans! She shares her life with her cute little Hannah adopted from China.

Salsa in China
The life of a lovely family with two twin girls adopted from China. A personal and sweet read

A blog with great design written by Becky, adoptive mom of a little six-year-old Chinese girl. Becky was the winner of our contest.

Unperfect Moms
Emily is an “unperfect” mom with two kids and about to adopt one more from China.

We Resonate
A family of four with two lovely kids adopted from Ethiopia about to embark on Christian homeschooling

Millions of Miles
Two biological kids, a little one from the  Democratic Republic of Congo and now in the process of becoming a foster mom, Megan shares her photos and thoughts about her family with a side dose of travel tips.

Domestic adoption

Production Not Reproduction
Heather has three kids through open domestic adoption.

Wendy-Steve-and G3
Zoe, a little girl, was adopted through domestic adoption and her mom tells the story of their life.

The Chronicles of Munchkinland
Jenna, a birth mother involved in open adoption has become an expert in the topic in her personal but also professional life. A excellent blog to start learning more about open adoption!

What are your favourite adoption-related blogs? What other blogs should our readers know about? Send us the info or post below and we’ll do another list in the near future!

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