Chinese Adoptees Find Shifting Identities

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Chinese-American adoptees Genevieve Norman and Kate Crotty both undertook a recent trip back to China – but their journey led them to two very different destinations. A story about them on piqued our interest, as we’re always on the lookout for other stories about Chinese adoption. Genevieve & Kate are both Chinese adoptees, now living in Austin, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio respectively. After feeling more Chinese than American for most of her adult life, Genevieve spent a year studying in Shanghai, only to come away with a very different notion of her cultural identity. Kate had a similar but different experience. She also felt the need to visit China more and more as she got older, but her journey back home left her feeling more Chinese than ever before, and more appreciative and aware of her unique roots.

Watch two short interviews with both the girls and read the full article on


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